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Centerpiece Executive View is a collection of the most powerful KPI dashboards ever made available to a service company. Executive View gives you the big picture and detailed analysis of how your company, projects and staff are performing.

Corporate Overview

The big picture. A holistic view of your earnings, costs and performance. Drill down for full analysis.

How much money am I making?

Total revenue with labour, expenses and net adjustment summaries

How are my staff and projects performing?

Project and Staff KPIs show how well your employees and projects are performing

Revenue & Cost Analysis

All about the bottom line. A detailed understanding of where you’re making and losing money, and by how much.

Are invoices being marked up or down?

Review automatically generated and scheduled reports with information of your choice.

How much work is billed and in the backlog?

Review automatically generated and scheduled reports with information of your choice.

Staff Analysis

Your staff is your greatest asset. Payroll is also your biggest cost. Which staff are making you money and which ones need help?

Are staff as billable and profitable as expected?

Assign percent billable targets to staff and see if they are met. Adjust as necessary.

How much extra staff capacity do I have?

Utilization rate is the percentage of time spent on billable tasks.

Project Analysis

Completing projects is how you make money. Find out which projects you’re good at and where you need to improve.

How profitable are our projects?

KPIs and totals of all the important stuff, including contract value, remaining value, and more.

How well are we executing projects?

Seen with performance index and net adjustments - how much you marked invoices up or down.

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